Web design requires a combination of creativity, technical ability, efficiency, and marketing skills. Thanks to the extensive experience I have had in the past six years, I am now able to produce a balanced and professional production through development, design, and programming, while infusing my every project with unique features.

When I finish one project, I am always delighted to find the next waiting for me - often with a completely different challenge and another subject matter, for which I can research a new field and expand my store of knowledge even further.

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These are only a few of the websites I have custom-created for different clients. I work in direct collaboration with the clients to create a site that represents their unique message with distinction.

As web developer and graphic designer, I took complete control over the site development process including site definition and planning, information architecture, graphic design, construction, marketing, and maintenance.

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If you are thinking of having your website redesigned or want a complete website design, it may be of help to you to view my Web Site Design Questionnaire.

This short questionnaire will help you to define the needs and objectives for your website, facilitate your website design process, and give me enough information to start thinking about concepts and approaches for you.

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Through expert knowledge of design, programming, marketing and research, I am able to organize and plan projects that achieve predetermined goals and are completed on schedule and within budget.

Comfortably working with a wide range of people, I easily communicate with everyone. In addition to adapting to different work environments I am also fully equipped to work off-site.

What is a Favicon?
A Favicon (Favorites Icon) is a multi - resolution image included in almost all professionally developed websites. Web browser displays the Favicon on the Address line in your visitor's Favorites menu. The Favicon should reflect the look and feel of the website or the organization's logo. The Favicon allows promoting your website and creating customized appearance in a visitor's browser.

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